"Just Roll with It"

"To Care is Human" podcast from The Beryl Institute

“It’s now widely understood that burnout is an epidemic among healthcare professionals, but how often do we focus our attention on non-physician clinicians to understand their reasons for burning out? Allison Chrestensen shares her personal journey as an Occupational Therapist and a PX professional focused on broadening the conversation to support all clinicians struggling with today’s healthcare challenges.”

Allison Chrestensen worked as an occupational therapist, and absolutely loved her job.

“I did some work in hospitals and in people’s homes and just really got to experience what it was like for people and families to overcome illness,” she said.

Seeing patients redefine their lives wass rewarding, and she saw that delivering the best patient care means having empathy for patients and their experiences.

Through her clinical work, Chrestensen thought she had a good grasp of what patients and families who were coping with.

And then a lifelong medical condition nearly took Allison’s life and changed her perspective on what it means to be a patient.

Allison and her husband, Michael Chrestensen, an information technology analyst for Duke Health Technology Solutions, came to the Voices of Duke Health listening booth to talk about what happened next.