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co-designing care for patients, families, and healthcare professionals

 “Co-design” shifts the traditional improvement model in which healthcare staff design solutions to challenges on behalf patients to one in which patients participate in the design process. From identifying opportunities for improvement to developing and implementing solutions, co-design partners patients with healthcare staff throughout the entire process.

That’s authentic partnership.

Tandem Healthcare Solutions offers real-world experience and expertise in Experience-Based Co-Design for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

Interested in learning more about how this innovative, evidence-based quality improvement model can help your organization to empower providers, staff, patients and families to make meaningful change in the healthcare experience?

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Move beyond the limits of patient satisfaction surveys

EBCD provides the opportunity for rich dialogue between community members and staff. The result? Insight into the actual patient experience.

Implement sustainable solutions that benefit patients and staff


Solutions co-designed by community members and staff are more sustainable and less susceptible to drift because the “why” and the “how” are deeply understood.

Build stronger teams

Storytelling, a key component of EBCD enables participants to connect with their own experiences and the experiences of others. This approach builds connections across healthcare teams and between staff and patients.

Experience-Based Co-Design is flexible enough to fit healthcare organizations of any size.

Are you ready to move your organization’s  patient and staff experience  to the next level?

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